WW3 RED ALERT: Turkey to ‘target’ US troops in Syria for supporting Kurdish ‘terrorists’


A BLUNT message has been issued by Turkey to US special forces working in Syria after Ankara warned that American troops could be “targeted” for supporting “terrorist”, it has been revealed.


US troops are fighting alongside Kurds against President Assad’s regime in Syria.

However, Turkey considers the Kurdish forces as terrorists and have warned that US troops may get caught in the cross-fire.

Accusing the US fighters to wearing “terrorists’ clothes” that may be hard to distinguish Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag warned anyone fighting alongside the Kurds “is our target”.

He added that “there is no chance that we will make a distinction at this point” between the Kurds and the US fighters.

The threats from Ankara are likely to cause concern of conflict between the two nations.

Should US soldiers be hit by Turkish forces there is a danger America may retaliate and cause the outbreak of a new war between the two historic allies.

Since World War Two the pair have supported each other in their fight against terrorism.

The US and Turkey also worked together in a bid to stop the Assad government in Syria.

However, the US decision to back Kurdish fighters in recent years has angered President Erdogan and strained relations.

Last month the Turkish leader said the US had provided a huge amount of military support to the Kurdish YPG in Syria.

Speaking to a congress of his ruling AK Party in the northwestern city of Bursa, he said allies had provided the YPG Syrian Kurdish military with 2,000 planeloads and 5,000 truckloads of weapons.

He said: “Now, apart from 5,000 trucks, there are weapons and ammunition from around 2,000 planes.”

Despite the threats of attack on US troops Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag has tried to ease concern about military action being taken on American fighters.

He said: “We are clearly saying that we do not want to confront our ally, the United States.

“I am sure that they do not want to face Turkey and Turkish armed forces.”

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